DBK1 - Leslie Spinning Speaker

DBK1 - Leslie Spinning Speaker


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This pedal is one of the best Leslie spinning speaker emulators. The ramp switch lets you initiate a ramp move and select direction of the ramp move (up or down).  Use the volume to add grit and drive. The treble potentiometer controls your top end sparkle. Try setting neutral straight up, dial back for a dark tone, or bring it up to cut through the mix with more presence. The speed adjustment takes you from a fast spin to slow and beautifully spatial, for that scenic color on the bottom of great mixes. All the Billionaire pedals are known for their build quality and small convenient size. The pedals are housed in a curvaceous, all-metal shell that is based on classic American car designs, taking up a smaller footprint than normal pedals. The quality construction continues into the controls with a solid feel throughout and textured grips for ease of use. This series of pedals by Danelectro are conveniently sized, super ergonomic, tough and sound great! Our on-line and in-store customers love these.

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