Vintage CS-9 Stereo Chorus
Vintage CS-9 Stereo Chorus

Vintage CS-9 Stereo Chorus


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You've surely heard it, but have you owned it? The lush swirls of chorus combine your unaffected signal with a slightly detuned version that is constantly going in and out of tune. This can be controlled with the Speed knob with the rate of the detuning increasing as you spin the control clockwise. Width in this case is like a depth control allowing you to sprinkle in a little or a lot of this modulation effect. With two outputs, this is a great pedal to run at the end of your board to split your signal. Indicators on this pedal, such as serial number, Made In Japan label, and Maxon stamped on the inside of the battery lid, lead us to believe it is an early 80s model. Chorus is a unanimously liked pedal heard in genres ranging from funky slap bass, R&B, Jazz fusion, and even hard rock and metal.

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