D-2 FAB Overdrive

D-2 FAB Overdrive


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Danelectro puts the D-2 FAB Overdrive Guitar Effects Pedal in your hands without a huge financial investment It all goes back to 1975 when a small music store in California commissioned the production of just 200 of what is perhaps the best guitar overdrive effect ever. Unlike any other effects unit, that pedal authentically simulated the breakup that occurs when a tube amp is run at full volume. You will occasionally see an original in the stage rig of a major artist. The Danelectro D-2 FAB Overdrive pedal features Level, Tone, and O.D. controls. It features a very realistic tube overdrive - just what live performers crave on stage as well as when they are in the studio. This FX box is right on the mark for very little money! The FAB Metal effect's Cool retro-f summoning their creative juices. This ergonomic and futuristic design is tough and small with nonskid rubber base. It runs on a 9V battery or optional 9V DC adapter. Your live performance or studio tracks will be greatly enhanced by this little wonder. This budget priced pedal offers you sonic equivalence to the prized originals at an unbelievable low price! This FAB series of pedals by Danelectro are full size, very ergonomic, tough, VERY AFORDABLE and sound great!  Our on-line and in-store customers love these.

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