PM-300 Power Amplifier

PM-300 Power Amplifier


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Traynor made these things during the seventies. It's a massive power amp supplying nominally 300W RMS. In fact, it can supply more using a switch at the output for selecting impedance mode. High impedance (2.7ohm to infinity) outputs 190W @ 8ohm, 300W @ 4ohm, 425W @ 2.7ohm. In low impedance output mode (1.3ohm to 4ohm): 200W @ 4ohm, 300W @ 2ohm, 390W @ 1 .3 ohm. This is a real power-horse. It also has short-circuit protection at the output. Internally, the design is very simple: a massive transformer (rated for about 800W so you won't have any power problems), the output stage consists of 8 big transistors and it is all fan cooled. The case is wood covered with black vinyl and has a convenient handle on it. For input it has two 1/4" jacks and one XLR (unbalanced though) and all three are paralleled. There is one knob on the front for controlling gain.

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