TR-8 Tremolo

TR-8 Tremolo


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This is the Cordovox TR-8 tremolo pedal.  Designed to provide guitarists with the classic famous vintage tremolo effects. The TR-8 is equipped with 3 controls that include Depth, Rate and Wave.   Depth will determine the strength of effect, Rate will determine the oscillation speed and Wave controls the waveform from triangle to square.   Cordovox series Pedals are made from stainless steel case and with mirror surface treatment which is beautiful and elegant. Every pedal of Cordovox series adopts the WIMA capacitance from Germany which is fast speed and low loss, with pure timbre. Besides, all the Tonefancier pedals use high-quality metal sealed potentiometer, which work in the dust-free environment to ensure the long-life run.  These pedals are a favorite to our customers in the shop and on-line!

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